Demi Lashes

Hybrid Lashes is a method used when we combine volume lashes and classic lashes to create a fabulous fullness and gorgeous texture set. A different length and thickness is added to create this amazing look.

Classic Lashes

Classic Lashes are also called individual lashes where one extension is applied to one real eyelash at a time. This set gives your natural lashes a little longer lashes and at the same time very subtle and natural to everyday wear.

Hybrid/Wispy Lashes

Wispy me up! A trendy style of all time. Wispy lashes are naturally fluffy and feathery but also perfect for those who like more dramatic makeup look to their lashes. It creates an illusion of longer, shorter strip lashes.

Natural Volume/Wispy Lashes

Volume Lashes is a special technique we use with ultra soft lashes to create 2D – 4D of eyelash extension at a time.
Because of it’s soft and super lightweight hair, one can easily apply each extension on without any damages or uncomfortable feeling to one real lashes.

Full Volume Lashes

Gives a fuller volume look than natural volume set by using 4D – 6D soft, light-weighted extension. Each lash is carefully crafted to enhance all types of eye shape to its perfection.
Anyone can choose this look for their everyday wear. A variety of thickness, lengths and curls will be used to offer the most flattering lashes to your unique eye shapes.

Lash Lift & Tint

A condition treatment that will help perm and curl up your natural lashes. It creates a natural curling effect without any makeup. The results last up to months.

Ultimate Volume

Ultimate volume lashes is created with lightweighted and ultra soft lashes from 2D to 6D to 10D depending on how strong and healthy one’s individual lashes.
This look will give super dramatic, full and thick lashes for special occasion and big event.