Immediately following the procedure

  • No water after 12 hrs.
  • No scrub, sauna, swimming in 1 week.
  • Keep the ointment on all time, massage it to let it soak in.
  • Keeping it moist will help the pigment heal better, less scab, if not color will change to a more ashy tone and loose pigment.
  • You can wash lightly with fragrance free antibacterial soap and warm water using your fingers after 12 hour of the procedure. DO NOT SCRUB!.
  • Lightly pat dry then apply A&D ointment.
  • Apply 2 times a day after washing your face, used smallest amount of ointment as possible.
  • Repeat steps 1-4 for 7 days every day.
  • No makeup on it.
  • When most of the scabs are gone, switch from ointment to a mild moisturizing lotion, coconut oil, vitamin E oil or cocoa butter. Continue to apply lotion with sunblock daily.
  • Some flaking or scabbing may occur, this is normal. If scabs become heavy or thick, call your artist.
  • DO NOT USE vaseline if your skin sensitive.
Going through the initial healing Procedure There will be temporary swelling, redness and/or itching may occur. Depending on the skin structure after the first treatment small scabs with a loss of drawn hairs may occur and color intensity may change. In the first seven days eyebrows are up to 40% darker and 15%-20% thicker. Color reflection depends on the natural skin pigment. The shape is determined according to the face proportions. Symmetry is determined digitally, with closed eyes because of the negative impact of facial expression The pigment is absorbed differently due to differences in the skin quality, thus there is no warranty for the treatment success. Depending on the skin structure, it should be noted that change in the color intensity is possible and that one or more additional treatment will be required The first correction is done four weeks after the treatment. For oily skin it is necessary to perform more corrections.


Read this before getting cosmetic tattoos

Cosmetic tattoos, also known as semi-permanent makeup, have become a fashion trend for many people. However, there are risks involved if done improperly. Many avoid traditional tattoos either because it was too dark, uneven shaped or deeply scarring to the skin. While every face is different in texture, skin tone and sensitivity, we have found one cosmetic tattooing technique that works on all skin types: the Pixel Brow technique. We have performed extensive research and practices on many different skin tones to find the perfect one. Many clients prefer using cosmetic tattoos to enhance their beauty and avoid the need for traditional makeup. Our goal is to help you find the best and most natural one that fit your desired look. This guide will help give you the information you need to understand more about cosmetic tattoos.